Respiratory therapists at MedSupply are licensed by the State of Michigan and are registered by the National Board of Respiratory Care. A respiratory therapist will provide a clinical assessment personalized for each oxygen, tracheostomy and sleep disorder therapy customer and individualize a plan of care to meet their needs.

Helping You Breathe Easier with Respiratory Services:
  • Respiratory disease education
  • Respiratory disease management
  • Respiratory rehabilitation exercises
  • In your home equipment safety and use
  • Client and caregiver education
Respiratory therapists perform specialized services for long term care facilities, such as:
  • Employee based respiratory modality in-services
  • In-house respiratory evaluations for complex respiratory residents
  • Pre-admission screens for hospital discharges
  • Pre-survey respiratory modality and oxygen audits
  • Optimizing oxygen equipment inventory

MedSupply offers support for in home care, medical supplies and devices.