Choose MedSupply as your one-stop-shop for durable medical equipment from wheelchairs, walkers and canes to bathroom safety equipment and mattresses. As patients transition to home from the hospital or nursing home, physicians, discharge planners, nursing homes and managed care organizations can rely on MedSupply to deliver the right supplies on time. Walking aids help to dramatically enhance a person’s mobility. Correct fit, and educating patients on proper use, is a top priority at MedSupply. Wheelchairs, walkers and canes help reduce the risk of falling, helping to prevent fractures and other injuries.

Bath & Safety
  • Elevated Toilet Seats
  • Toilet Safety Rails
  • Shower Chair
  • Tub Transfer Bench
  • Transfer Board
Wheel Chairs

A manual, or “traditional”, wheelchair is propelled by the user’s hands turning the rear wheels. MedSupply offers standard, lightweight, ultra lightweight and heavy duty/larger models. All of the wheelchairs are available for rent or purchase.

  • Bariatric Wheelchairs
  • Back Supports
  • Cushions
  • Other Accessories
Walking Aids

There are as many styles, shapes and sizes of canes as there are cane users. Whether a patient needs an adjustable or wide-based cane, we can find the best fit at the right price.

MedSupply carries a full line of folding light-weight and heavy-duty walkers. We also carry four-wheeled rolling walkers, including those with hand breaks and seats.

  • Folding Walkers
  • Non Folding Walkers
  • Rolling Walkers
  • Crutches
  • Walking Accessories
Splints & Braces
  • Abdominal Braces
  • Back Braces
  • Rib Belts
  • Hernia Belts
  • Cervical Collars
  • Shoulder Supports
  • Arm Slings
  • Elbow Supports
  • Wrist Splints
  • Knee Immobilizers
  • Ankle Support
Hospital Beds
  • Semi Electric Beds
  • Full Electric Beds
  • Bariatric Beds
  • Bed Accessories
Mattresses & Positioning
  • Air Mattresses
  • Foam Mattresses
  • Spring Mattresses
  • Mattress Overlays
  • Eggcrate Pads
  • Mattress Accessories
Sleep Therapy
  • CPAP Devices
  • BI-PAP Devices
  • Nasal Mask
  • Oral Masks
  • Sleep Accessories
  • Full Face Mask
Oxygen Therapy
  • Concentrators
  • Conservers
  • Cylinders
  • Liquid Oxygen
  • Concentrator Accessories
  • Cylinder Accessories
Feeding Pumps
  • Enteral Feeding
  • Enteral Feeding Sets
  • Gravity Feeding Sets
  • Feeding Tubes
  • Feeding Accessories
  • Enternal Nutrition
  • G-Tube Holders