Prosthetist: Bill Neu
I have been a patient at Edgewood Manor of Greenfield for over a year now. About 6 months ago I had to have a below knee amputation to my right leg due to complications with my illness. My overall experience with med supply has been excellent. Bill has provided me with excellent care. Bill has provided me with a liner, prosthetic and custom fit prosthetic shoes. All of the equipment that has been provided for me had fit perfectly. I am now walking with a walker and I am projected to go home in just a few short weeks. I have achieved a higher quality of life and independence due to the care and services provided by Bill along with his company med supply. I would highly recommend Bill Nue and med supply to anyone.

– Peggy McDaniel

Orthotist- Stacey Richardson
Stacey is Great!  Nice neat office space.  Receptionist was very friendly and helpful.

– Donald Jones

Prosthetist: Bill Neu
Bill Neu is Awesome!  I would follow him anywhere.

– Angela Sewell, Sunbury, OH

Prosthetist – Randy Ross
Randy always went above and beyond to accommodate me.  I am very satisfied with his efforts and would highly recommend him to anyone.

– Michael Posuniak

Prosthetist – Randy Ross
Randy has been beyond helpful this past year, helping me to regain a normal life after losing my leg. His knowledge of prosthetics allowed him to anticipate all of my needs making the process of learning to walk again an encouraging, educational and even an enjoyable experience.

– Mike Bruton

Prosthetist – Mike Smith
Mike was so helpful every time I called. He went out of his way to care for my concerns.

– Mary Ann Mate

Prosthetist – Mike Smith
Mike is always there when I need him. Always stay the way you are. If only I could find the great service I get from you elsewhere.

– Kelly Pierce

My custom fit brace was completed in a timely manner, and anytime adjustments were needed, I had no problem scheduling an appointment.

– Robert Moore, Farmington Hills

As a therapist, I like working with MedSupply because they listen both to me and the patients I refer to them. They value my input, and they care about their patients.

– Cindy T., Detroit