Med Supply, a personal protection equipment (PPE) and durable medical equipment (DME) supplier based out of Troy, Michigan, announced it is a recipient of a grant from the Automation Alley technology business center in Troy.

Project DIAMOnD (Digital, Independent, Agile, Manufacturing on Demand) grants are funded by a $10 million grant that Automation Alley received from Oakland County, as well as a $2 million grant from Macomb County, according to a press release.

Med Supply received a Project DIAMOnD grant to assist in the manufacturing of PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic. Project DIAMOnD provided a 3D printer to Med Supply for the fabrication of face shields that Automation Alley will then distribute to Oakland and Macomb County essential workers.

“Med Supply is honored to receive this grant and produce PPE to protect essential workers in Oakland and Macomb Counties,” said Mike Smith, Clinical Director, Med Supply. “With this 3D printer, we will be able to produce face shields quickly when needed. With this technology we also plan to produce other vital health care industry items, such as newer, lightweight innovative prosthetics.”

Project DIAMOnD’s purpose is to help transition companies into the digital manufacturing age of Industry 4.0. Grant recipients must remain on the network to fabricate PPEs for a total of three years. Grant recipients can use the printers allotted to them to fabricate other items in the efforts to help grow their business. For companies to qualify, the company must be a small or medium-sized manufacturer in Oakland County.