National Public Health Week (April 5-11) is an annual, week-long celebration of public health, supported by the American Public Health Association. NPHW gives us the opportunity to highlight public health achievements and improve the health of people in general, through education over multiple health issues and how to live longer lives.

“We may be physically distant from each other, but now it’s more important than ever to come together. That’s why our 2021 theme is “Building Bridges to Better Health.”” –

Each day of NPHW has a different focused public health theme.

Monday: Rebuilding

Tuesday: Advancing Racial Equity

Wednesday: Strengthening Community

Thursday: Galvanizing Climate Justice

Friday: Building COVID-19 Resilience

Saturday: Uplifting Mental Health and Wellness

Sunday: Elevating the Essential and Health Workforce

This year, National Public Health Week is completely virtual! You can check out the list of events for each day, there will be more added over time.